Place Out Of Context

by Holzkopf

Vague Senses 06:39
Hot Cap 04:57
Crusher 04:58


Side A

recorded live at home in Vancouver, BC in January 2016 using samples, vocals, synthesizer and effects. the recording is edited slightly to fit on tape.

1. Proper Haze & Perfect Accounting

2. Stay / The Sound of Flies
lyrics: i must find someone so that i am not alone / i just need a little affection / a little attraction / to get me through / i just need a little kindness / to get me through / but kindness is strangeness to me when all my ghosts rape at will / hold me till all the world is still / while i asked the sky and she said no / this is the pain of long life / you will grow old and see all your friends covered in flies

3. High Tide (New Version)
lyrics: i don't have enough money or thick enough blood / wake up! / to go back to sleep again / fix your hair to impress the panic inside your head / i don't have enough money or thick enough blood / so be alive when i come home

4. Vague Senses
lyrics: there is the vague smell of panic sweat inside my home / there are bottles piled in boxes by the backdoor / i'm trying as hard as i can / when the landlord comes knocking at your door / just kick over those boxes and leave through the back way / and run as hard as you can

5. Endless (Live Version)

Side B

1. Hot Cap
2. Fights in the Yard
3. Crusher
4. Proposal for a Flat God
5. Stranded in A Dead Country
6. Dirty Dancing Theme (Smashed and Cropped Mix)

Holzkopf is Jacob Taves


released December 20, 2016



all rights reserved



Pseudo Laboratories Edmonton, Alberta

Experimental tape label out of Edmonton Alberta Canada. Founded by Parker Thiessen and Ian Rowley.

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